10 Comic Villains With The Best Motivations

What do you do when your mortal enemy is also your only hope?

Kraven Spider-Man Hunted
Marvel Comics

Out of any medium of the past century, it's probably fair to say that comic books have produced the most memorable and indeed compelling villains in popular culture. They're colourful, creative, and at times even disturbing, but there's one thing the best all have in common: a compelling motivation.

From the pages of Marvel and DC, superheroes have had to contend with some truly despicable characters. Some boast a fairly simple set of guiding principles, but there are also those with a truly nuanced portrayal. It's also important to remember that even those villains who are motivated by an easily quantifiable selection of motivations can be compelling in their own right - just ask Batman if you're not convinced.

Some men really do just want to watch the world burn, but then there are those who have a clear and obvious set of principles, ones that are sometimes very sympathetic.

So, whether they were made in the fantastical vestiges of the DC Universe, or made to reflect the world outside our window with Marvel, here are the villains with motivations so compelling, you just can't take your eyes off the page.

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