10 Comics To Read After Seeing Avengers: Endgame

It'll be years until the Avengers next return, but there isn't a better time to get into comics!


While Avengers Endgame may not have really followed any one particular comic or even a handful of Avengers tales, there are plenty of threads that can be traced back to specific areas of the source material or ones which simply provide glimpses into how the future of the MCU may look.

As you will have no doubt seen by now, the credits of Endgame featured a rather hefty list of the many comic book writers and artists who inspired the movie. Infinity Gauntlet scribe Jim Starlin was recognised alongside the likes of Ed Brubaker, who co-created the Winter Soldier identity, while the likes of Jonathan Hickman, Kelly Sue DeConnick and countless others featured too.

While these mentions may well be a step in the right direction for giving creators the credit they deserve, actually going out and reading their works is probably the best way to show them such appreciation.

As such, whether you're a long-time reader or completely new to the medium, here are the comics that you should read once you've seen the finale to Marvel's on-screen Avengers saga.



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