10 Dumbest Ways Superheroes Have Died

If you were Batman, you'd have a heart attack too.

Marvel Comics

Dramatic hero deaths are the bread and butter of the comic industry. The vast majority of iconic comics contain at least one superhero succumbing to a badass or tragic death - or otherwise at least the implication that they do - and it's these moments that are often the exact reason we consider them as monumental as they are.

However, this doesn't mean that every death in comics is equally impactful. In fact, for every emotional and purposeful death, there are a handful of weird, pointless, or just straight-up dumb superhero demises - often from the exact same characters.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, as it's these dumb deaths that make the spectacular ones seem all the more amazing - like seeing a man be killed by an elephant, or accidentally exploded.

Perhaps more importantly, these silly or odd deaths also hold a similarly memorable spot in all of our hearts - albeit more in making you wonder every now and then what on earth caused the creators to come up with it, instead of being in awe at the fact they did.

Not every hero death can be heroic, and it's well worth appreciating the strange and insignificant ones just as much as the important ones.


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