10 Essential Black Panther Comics

10. The Ultimates: Omniversal

Marvel Comics/Kenneth Rocafort

Although The Ultimates share their name from the Marvel team from the Ultimate Universe, the group is a mainstream, 616 (main Marvel continuity) creation. It's also a great team, fronted by none other than Black Panther himself.

Comprised of the Wakandan King, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, Miss America and Spectrum, the Al Ewing book was one of the most exciting titles released under the All-New, All-Different banner back in 2015. It also took a tried and tested premise of making the team a preemptive, off-the-books force (drawn along the lines of the Secret Avengers and X-Force), which made them more proactive, less reactive.

The comic, drawn by Kenneth Rocafort, was cosmic to its core, with the first story-arc revolving around the team dealing with a resurgent Galactus. The book was subsequently derailed by two separate event comics, each one successively worse than the last (Civil War II and Secret Empire the culprits in question), but that first arc by Ewing and Rocafort was a fantastic, if not bittersweet, reminder of its potential.

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