10 Figures Who Completely Reshaped Comic Book History

Changing the world one KA-POW at a time.

Marvel Comics

Comics tend to focus primarily on characters. That's understandable: it's a character driven medium, and one based on the principle of return business. Unless you have compelling heroes and villains there's no way to engage your audience, at least not long term. Comics have any number of well-defined protagonists - larger-than-life heroes in brightly coloured pants - but we tend to focus very little on who put those heroes in those pants.

Some of those who shaped comic books into the industry and medium it is today are well known, possibly due to their habit of appearing in every movie they can (you know who we're talking about). But there are figures through history whose input is underrated or even ignored.

The evolution of comic books has been accelerated, redirected and shaped by the visionaries who created memorable heroes, catalysts of change who revolutionised the medium and a few villainous third parties with their own sinister agenda.

Through creative contribution, business acumen, some weird psychological theories, and a desire for world domination, these individuals shaped the world of comics into the multimedia behemoth of books, movies and crap games we see today.

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