10 Hulk Movie Fights We'd Love To See


Marvel Comics

After an extended leave of absence, the Hulk is set to return to the fray of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Ragnarok. Last seen jetting off with a tear in his eye at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Green Goliath sat out Civil War and every other Marvel movie since. But now he's back, and set to clash with old frenemy (and friend from work) Thor in Taika Waititi's cheeky nod to Planet Hulk.

With the return of the Hulk to the big screen and the forthcoming Infinity War being sure to involve him in a major way, fans are dusting off their fantasy league papers, wondering who Hulk might smash once he's done with Ragnarok.

Thanos would be an obvious choice, for sure, but with a big green rage monster like Hulk, one never can be sure exactly who's side he's going to be on. He's already proved to be temperamental, after all. Gamma radiation will tend to do that...

From fellow Avengers to thus far unseen heroes and villains - not to mention those currently outside of the MCU's remit by a small margin - there are some huge possibilities for who Hulk could and should fight on the big screen...

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