10 Hulk Movie Fights We'd Love To See

9. The Avengers

Marvel Comics

When the first Avengers movie was in its earliest stages, one of the most popular mooted ideas was that of the team coming together to fight the Hulk. That eventually evolved into the Loki-centric story everyone knows and loves now, although shades remain in the Thor/Hulk Helicarrier fight and Loki's machinations.

Still, wouldn't it have been great to see Hulk versus the might of the Avengers, all together?

The possibilities have only gotten more exciting over time, with such recent additions as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Ant Man. There's a sense that maybe Marvel have been holding back on the big event... saving it for something special.

It's entirely plausible that Infinity War could see Thanos turn the Hulk against his teammates, leading to the mass brawl we've been waiting for since the very start. Good things come to those who wait, after all.

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