10 Indie Comics You Must Read Before You Die

1. Umbrella Academy

Dark Horse Comics

For such a genuinely fantastic comic, it's strange to think a decent portion of its readership will have picked Umbrella Academy up for one particular reason, and that is that it has the strange privilege of being written by Gerard Way, best known for being the lead singer of famous American rock band My Chemical Romance.

Although this initially doesn't sound promising, Way had actually written for Dark Horse before Umbrella Academy, and his love for the industry is incredibly clear as the series is essentially a talented love note to the likes of X-men and Hellboy.

While also clearly drawing on these to create fascinating characters and a truly engrossing plot, Way also plays with ideas of superheroes and the tropes that come with them, and in doing so creates some ideas and moments within Umbrella Academy that are truly and entirely unique to the comic.

If you only read one comic not from huge established franchises like Batman or Spider-Man, Umbrella Academy is worth it for being a reading experience like no other, and yet still entirely familiar to old veterans of the comic industry.

Are there any indie comics you'd recommend to new

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