10 Insane Facts You Didn't Know About Venom

9. His Sound Was Created By Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria Mystery Men

The classic 1994 Spider-Man: The Animated Series remains to this day one of the more enjoyable adaptations of the wall-crawler. Part of the series'€™ appeal was its introduction of many characters familiar to the comics but new to television, one of whom was Venom. As this was the character€™'s animated debut, it meant that the actor playing him would be burdened with creating and characterising Venom'€™s speech patterns for the very first time.

With Venom as both a recurring villain and a famous character, it meant a good deal of importance was placed upon getting the voice right. Thankfully the actor tasked with this role was voice-acting veteran Hank Azaria.

Though he will always be known for his work on the Simpsons, Azaria set the standard for how Venom would come to sound. The deep crackles and the shrill screams have since become a staple for Venom, and Azaria is to thank for that.


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