10 Major Milestones In Comic Book History

Nothing was ever the same again.

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There are few mediums out there that have commanded as big an influence as comic books have. The cultural landscape is littered with superhero paraphernalia at the mo', and with that comes a massive history to boast. They have, after all, been chugging along for the better part of a century, and, like other mediums, they've come along way in doing so.

Indeed, while comic book history is still very much a burgeoning aspect of scholarly study, there are a certain events out there that historians have marked as being instrumental in the medium's development, and indeed, in its wider influence on history too.

Certainly, the 'big two' (Marvel and DC) have much to say on this issue. As the two, well, biggest companies in the industry, it's obvious that they'd be responsible for the greater part of its history, but they've been both heroes and villains over the years; vilified during the fifties comic boom and revered during its eighties resurgence; reviled for their lack of diversity and applauded for their strident social commentary. It's an amazing journey to dissect, and one that will, imaginably, be getting the biopic treatment in a few years time.

But what were the milestones that really changed the face of the medium? It's hard enough having to narrow down just ten, what with so many having left their own indelible impact on the industry, but still, with comics continuing to dominate the cultural landscape, it's important to highlight just how far they've come.

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