10 Marvel Characters Who Became Venom

When two become one.

Marvel Comics

There isn't an alien entity as pesky - or as misunderstood - as the Venom symbiote. There are other symbiotes infinitely more worse than it, and though it has gotten up to some terrible things in the past, a lot of that is down to the host too; quite a lot of Marvel's characters have, surprisingly, steered the creature to do good - even if that good streak hasn't lasted all that long in the grand scheme of things.

Dozens of Marvel characters have fallen victim to - or commandeered - the creature at varying points over the years as well, with countless more having become Venom in the publisher's What If? series and other assorted texts centred on the multiverse too.

But while the list of Venoms to have appeared in the many Earths of Marvel Comics was always going to be pretty massive (even Galactus, at one point in time, donned the suit in one of those books), more surprising is just how many hosts the suit has had in mainstream Marvel continuity, or Earth-616 for short.

Sure, there are the usual suspects, but scratch beneath the surface and you find a who's who of unlikely hosts - each with their own story to tell...

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