10 Most Badass Daredevil Moments

Nothing can stop the Man Without Fear!

Marvel Comics/Alex Maleev

When you’re talking about a hero who is officially nicknamed ‘The Man Without Fear’, then you know that badass happenings are inevitable. After all, anyone who dresses up as a literal devil clearly has a large streak of natural badassery hardcoded into their DNA.

That said, not every badass Daredevil moment involves him beating people up. There are ample moments that show Murdock is just as capable of doing awesome things by using his wit as well as his athletic prowess. In fact - all cool sense powers aside - Matt’s intelligence and fierce loyalty to Hell's Kitchen and the people within are responsible for some of his most badass moments.

Be it down to escaping elaborate traps, protecting people from harm, or just helping a little girl – these are some prime examples that Matt Murdock's a Daredevil in more than name.

10. Beating Up Grown Men As A Kid

Marvel Comics

A key part of the Daredevil origin story is his vengeful beatdown of the crooks involved with his father. Generally, it’s the first ‘mission’ Matt takes on as Daredevil - and the kickstart of his costumed career.

However, some versions of the story involve this part happening while Matt is still pretty young, making it incredibly impressive that he manages to beat up an entire room of henchmen before even properly becoming Daredevil. Although he has been trained by Stick - who is essentially a martial arts master - in both Battlin' Jack Murdock, and Daredevil: Man Without Fear, it’s heavily implied this is one of his first ever fights, which makes him taking down the thugs all the more badass.

Murdock literally goes from getting beaten up in school by kids to taking down hulking brutes of grown men - meaning his costume has the side bonus of not letting said brutes know they’re being beaten up by the town dork.


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