10 Most Bizarre DC Crossover Events Since 2000

10. Blackest Night

DC Comics

It's no secret that zombies are more than a little bit played out in the modern world of media. That being said, it's still possible to make the concept work, provided you take a creative enough approach. And that is exactly what the Blackest Night event did.

Say what you will about the concept of the emotional spectrum, but there's absolutely no denying the fact that this Green Lantern-centric crossover story shook the DC Universe to its core back in mid-2009.

Blackest Night follows Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. as they are forced to battle the Black Lantern Corps. - a horde of superpowered zombies comprised of fallen DC heroes and villains who were resurrected by Nekron (including the Dark Knight himself).

As if that wasn't a bizarre enough premise, this event, which featured an eponymous limited series and numerous tie-ins, was all kicked off by a ritual involving Black Hand desecrating the grave of Bruce Wayne, then picking up and licking his skull.

This is a crossover that walks the line between harrowing storytelling and flat-out insanity, which only serves to make it that much more memorable.


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