10 Most Gruesome Moments In DC History

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase 'face off'.

DC Comics

The relationship between DC and gore is a complicated one. Much like Marvel, the California-based publishing house was restricted for a long time in terms of what kind of violence they could show in comics, as the Comics Code Authority prohibited 'excessive' violence, hugely limiting the level of bloodshed DC were able to include in their work back during the Silver and Bronze Age of comics.

But the minute the company was no longer restricted by these requirements, it's clear they decided to make up for lost time by making some of the grossest and most gruesome moments ever committed to the inked page - resulting in some of their most celebrated comics of all time.

Indeed, this is a good portion of why DC has a reputation for being the 'darker' company, as they appear to have a greater willingness to continually include violence, gore, and brutal injuries in every available corner of their comics.

And with dismemberment, torn out hearts, and surgically removed faces being very much the norm for DC, it goes without saying that they've come a long way since their censored days, much to the dark delight of countless comic fans.


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