10 Most Hilarious Legal Battles In Comics History

When common sense was usually the super-villain.

For a business that usually puts a lot of focus on simple battles between right and wrong, comics spend a lot of time in the murky world of the courtroom, where justice doesn't always prevail but might doesn't always make right, either. Here, a mere technicality, or even the threat of a lawsuit, can do what the most diabolical villains can't: end a popular superhero's existence, locking him away even from memory. Or they can just remove a hero from her home universe and put her in one where her entire existence stops making sense. They can control our language, justify intellectual property theft... make foolish causes noble and noble causes foolish, even change the very definition of right and wrong. So sometimes it's important to step back a bit from a case that a lot of serious lawyers have spent serious time being serious about, and reflect for a minute before saying, "You know what? This whole legal case is CRAZYTOWN KOOKOO BANANAPANTS." Here are the ten craziest legal matters we found-- some of them full-fledged court cases with judgments rendered, some unresolved courtroom wrestling and some the mere threat of a lawsuit or a cease and desist order. It was a close race.

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