10 Most Intense Comic Books Of All Time

From Marvel to DC, and even beyond, these moments were unforgettable.

Marvel Comics

Comic books have been an industry for nearly a century, but it's only recently they've become recognized for what they are: amazing artwork and intricately-woven storylines revolving around thoughtful and intense characters.

For anyone who reads them, comics are amazing stories that depict characters whose relationships and ordeals mirror our own lives. These stories are told with stark imagery in ways traditional print media could never achieve.

Thanks to the success of superhero movies in recent years, more attention has been given to comic books, but those in the know have enjoyed these stories for years. Comics have told some intense tales over the years. Whether a hero dies or some tragedy befalls the characters people identify with and have loved for years, some comic book stories are far more memorable than others.

These ten stories told in these issues represent the most intense comic books ever written, but there are far more fan favorites out there. Sound off in the comments with your favorite "intense" story and let us know which you think is the most intense of them all!


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