In the light of the first ever gay marriage proposal in a major comic book between Jean-Paul Baubier (AKA Northstar) and Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men #50 and the first ever comics gay marriage in the upcoming issue, it’s time for us to take a trip down memory lane and remember the 10 most memorable Weddings from Comic Book History.

10. Aquaman & Mera

In Aquaman Vol 1 #18, Aquaman is named the King of Atlantis and is told he needs to select a queen to rule by his side.  Unfortunately, Mera, the woman he loves, is a native of Dimension Aqua and not an Atlantean, meaning she is not eligible to rule with him. Aquaman tells her the bad news but before he can explain, she storms off to the shores of a nearby island.

In her heartbroken state, she is easily defeated and seduced by Aquaman’s enemy Oceanus. Oceanus intends to use his hard water minions to claim the temporarily vacant throne for himself with Mera as his queen. His army overwhelms the Atlanteans, allowing him to enslave Aquaman and Aqualad. With the help of some sawfish and octopuses, they manage escape and face Oceanus in his new bedchamber.

The odds are stacked against the good guys but, through reappearance of her true love, Mera snaps out of her condition and betrays Oceanus, disabling him and banishing him from the underwater city. With this heroic act, Aqualad nominates Mera for honourary Atlantean citizenship. Aquaman grants it and happily marries her, finally become the true King of Atlantis.

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This article was first posted on June 11, 2012