10 Most Ridiculous Ways Superheroes Have Come Back From The Dead

Good heroes don't let something as minor as death stop them.

DC Comics

The circle of life is a lot more literal in the world of comics. Heroes are born, they live, they die and then they pop back up again a while later.

Ever since Superman revealed that Doomsday only beat him into a special Kryptonian healing coma, the floodgates have been open for dead superheroes to reappear. We've had so many magical resurrections and complex plots involving faking someone's death that it's now a well-worn joke that the afterlife in both the DC and Marvel Universe is just a revolving door.

And yet, we're still supposed to be surprised when a character comes back. Obviously, it wouldn't be very shocking at all if Doctor Strange could just say a spell and bring everyone back to life and so writers are often pushed to find new and creative ways to bring bring heroes back to life. Sometimes the results are absolutely flat-out insane stories that no reader could ever see coming (mainly because they'd have to be completely insane to predict them).

From literally getting stitched back together to simply deciding they didn't want to be dead anymore, here are ten of the most insane ways superheroes have found to cheat death.

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