10 Most Unhinged Comic Book Characters

They're super powered and super psychotic.


By their nature comic books are a little crazy. Between reality shattering events and bizarre origin stories, the world of comics is rife with tales that require us as readers to suspend the notion of disbelief pretty high. This is all well and good for us, but for those stuck within these kooky situations things may be a little harder to swallow.

That's why over the years comics have seen some absolutely insane characters. This isn't figurative like how insanely powerful Superman is, it's literal; like how insanely insane The Joker is.

Of course mental quirks can produce some truly endearing characters, like the fourth wall breaking Deadpool or the ultimately charming Harley Quinn, but then there's the times when publishers like Marvel or DC produce some scenarios where villains (and heroes for that matter) go a little too far off the deep end.

Whether it's with a lot of medication, a straight up straight jacket or something as archaic as a lobotomy, sometimes we see comic book characters that really should be housed within a padded cell. One with a big, padded lock. Maybe situated inside a padded, active volcano - just to be safe.


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