10 Most Unhinged Comic Book Characters

10. The Comedian

DC Comics

You know what's a good joke? Man's depressed, sees a doctor, doctor tells him to see the visiting clown, Pagliacchi. The man bursts into tears, tells the doctor that he is Pagliacchi. What a hoot. You know what's not a good joke? Shooting a pregnant woman.

That's right, 'The Watchmen's Comedian was always somewhat of a loose cannon, and the more we read about him throughout Moore’s classic graphic novel the more we saw how destructive a loose cannon could be. Some circumstances seemed like they could have been justified, or rather condoned, such as when he was burning people alive during wartime, but many others don’t get such a luxury as a presidential pardon.

One of these would include his attempts to enact and then justify raping a colleague, or gunning down protesters. Extra cracks in his psyche also came about towards the end of his life, when he broke into his old arch-enemy’s house and proceeded to break down into tears.

Whether it was due to the shock of learning Ozymandias’ plan or simply the culmination of guilt over the years, The Comedian was often crying more than laughing at the end.


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