10 Obscure Marvel And DC Villains You Won’t Believe Exist

Mecha-Hitler vs Armless Tiger Man: Go!

Marvel Comics

With countless characters – both heroes and villains – having been created in the illustrious history of comic books, there is an almost endless amount of folks that ended up being minimally used compared to the ‘big names’.

For some of these, this is almost tragic, as there are a metric ton of interesting and ingenious characters that have about as much presence in comics as that one kid who had to be a tree in the school play. For others, however, this makes a little more sense – as for every well-thought-out character, there’s an unexplained menace with the weirdest gimmicks of all time.

Regardless of which category they belong to, these characters are solid evidence that sometimes the obscure villains are the more interesting ones – even if that’s because you can barely believe they were created in the first place.

10. Orifice

DC Comics

Orifice is likely obscure villain presumably on purpose, because nobody wants to sit and write the word orifice several times over in any script ever.

That said, at least one person clearly lacked this sense of self preservation, because this member of the Dollmaker’s twisted family was a decently major part of one whole comic – which is arguably one comic too many.

It’d be fine if the rest of the Dollmaker’s squad had equally gross names, but literally every other member has a regular human name, and so we can only guess that Orifice lost a very important game of rock-paper scissors for the worst name of the lot.

It’s unclear which would be worse - that Orifice was given the name, or that he optionally decided to call himself Orifice. Either way, we wouldn’t recommend trying to Google this one.


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