10 People Who Changed The Comic Book Industry Forever

The visionaries that made the medium.

Jack Kirby
DC Comics

Chronicling the evolution of the comic book medium and those who were most responsible for it is a pretty difficult one, to say the least. Countless creators have all managed to leave an impact on the industry in some form or another, and with influence manifesting on the page as much as it has off it, even recently, it's clear that more change is yet to come.

And, to that end, it's also clear that there are way more than just ten people who've set the course for comics this past century. Many, in fact, have been stricken from the historical record, marginalised or even just forgotten, with creative disputes, legal discrepancies and work-for-hire contracts distorting the creative processes that gave birth to the medium's most iconic features.

Bill Finger, the newly rediscovered creator of Batman, is a testament to that.

Things are getting better though, and while there are still major strides to be made in many respects, that doesn't make celebrating those creators who did change the medium for the better any more difficult, particularly when they're as far-reaching as they are.

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