10 Reasons The Infinity Gauntlet Is Overrated

1. It€™s Not Even Jim Starlin€™s Best Thanos Story

Jim Starlin first created Thanos in 1973 when the writer/artist was at the very peak of his creative powers. As such, the Mad Titan has been a part of a number of epic storylines involving the likes of Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock that are far more interesting than the Infinity Gauntlet and would make for some worthwhile film adaptations. But beyond Captain Marvel and Warlock, Thanos was also part of one of the best Avengers stories from the 1970s. In the two-part arc that traverses Avengers Annual #7 and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2, Thanos kills Warlock and obtains the Infinity Gems (sans gauntlet) using that power to capture the Avengers. The villain is eventually stopped by Spider-Man and the Thing who free the Avengers and resurrect Warlock. Warlock uses his connection to the Soul Gem to trap Thanos in stone. This Avengers/Thanos arc is better constructed and features a much more satisfying conclusion (where Thanos gets his just desserts) than The Infinity Gauntlet. While The Infinity Gauntlet is more recent and thus, more recognizable for many comic book fans, the two-part Infinity Gems story would make for a more compelling, concise cinematic feature that doesn't resort to crutches and other plot contrivances.
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