10 Reasons To Look Forward To Doomsday Clock

The most unexpected crossover in comics will finally reach a climax...

DC Comics

In 2016, DC for a great deal of the year teased a mysterious, forthcoming Rebirth. They would then take to the stage in a livestream event, quite uncommon in style to a lot of comics announcements, and pulled out all the stops to announce their upcoming refresh (not quite a reboot, but not a relaunch either) with most of their books going in a new direction.

This would all be kicked off by DC Rebirth #1. Pretty much right the way up until release, we knew nothing about the book except rumours.

Then, when the issue leaked a day or two before release in the deep recesses of the internet, DC didn't go out and spoil their own book in a major news publication: they let people who wanted to be spoiled hunt out the spoilers, and those that didn't got a chance to go into the book and be surprised.

Releasing the same day as the finale of The Darkseid War, both titles, written by DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, contained hints at a crossover that no one was expecting: Doctor Manhattan was the one truly responsible for the New 52 reboot, and was continuing to manipulate things behind the scenes.

This year, and running for 12 issues, Doomsday Clock finally brings this controversial mystery to a close, and will leave the DC Universe changed yet again. Let's get hyped.


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