10 Reasons Why Batman Is The Most Overrated Character Of All Time

Of all that DC has to offer, what makes Bruce Wayne so special?!

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Batman as a hero has managed to endear the hearts and minds of geeks everywhere since his debut in Detective Comics #27, but has his popularity actually been detrimental to the character's ability to do so?

Bruce Wayne is many things to many people, but these appealing aspects have all contributed to the character becoming something of a non-entity. There isn't a clear sense of progression with The Dark Knight like there is with some of his comic book rivals, because no matter the interpretation or innovation the vigilante receives, the destination is always the same - the status-quo established in 1939. It€™'s not an inability to deviate from this cyclical nature that's become the focus of why the Caped Crusader is overrated, however.

No, it's the fact that the character is so bankable, so guaranteed to find an audience, that has led to the perpetuating feeling of over-saturation and Bat-fatigue that has in turn worn out his welcome.

I more than understand why people love Batman. Heck, the character is only beaten out for shelf-space in my room by the amount of Daredevil I read, but given the character's constant status at the forefront of almost every entertainment medium imaginable, it becomes easier and indeed even natural to grow tired of his presence. I've always stood by the opinion that he's only as good as his supporting characters, and that's true, but the thing is - they've all managed to outgrow the brand.

Bruce Wayne may be an iconic character worthy of merit, but enough is enough. No hero warrants such an overbearing focus.

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