10 Reasons You're Wrong About Gotham

Seriously, what's Arrow got that this hasn't?

Gotham Season 4 Bruce Wayne Batman

Season 4 of Gotham kicked off last week with an episode that promised a great deal for the forthcoming year, with the series looking to ramp up the transformation of Bruce Wayne into Batman, among other, less controversial things.

While it might not be the show everyone had initially hoped it was, Gotham has managed to carve its own identity since its introduction in 2014, despite protestations that've called it something of a weird distortion of the Bat-license. That's definitely not the case, however, and the show must be praised for moving away from more traditional interpretations of the character's mythology. What's the point in adapting material if it always has to adhere to the source itself?

Gotham isn't a perfect show, with the potential it exhibited in its first season still yet to be fully tapped, but it's far from the aberrant creation DC fans have deemed it to be these last three years. There's actually a whole lot to enjoy with it, if you can get past or even get behind its sillier elements, and that's without mentioning the sheer talent that's involved with the project both on and off the screen.

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