10 Smartest DC Characters

Who has the biggest brain of them all?

DC Comics

Everyone knows that DC has its fair share of heroes and villains who could, if they so chose to, beat every last person on the planet to a bloody pulp. But there is also an old theory that, when it comes down to it, the brain will beat brawn every single time.

But does it ring true? Is it possible for a mere intellectual to plan and plot the demise of, what is essentially, a God amongst puny mortals?

Throughout its history, DC has always made sure to sprinkle in groups of people who have nothing more than their sheer brain power to help balance out the meta-human contingency. After all, it would get pretty boring pretty quickly if every month all you had to look forward to was Superman or Batman punching people in the face, page after page after page.

Arguably, makes these characters a lot more interesting than their super-powered compatriots, when all they have in their arsenal to defend themselves - or to help them solve crimes - is what Hercule Poirot calls the little grey cells.

With that in mind, read on to find out just who is the true genius of the DC Universe.


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