10 Superheroes Who Are Way More Powerful Than You Think

You do know Ghost Rider once took down GALACTUS, right?

Marvel Comics

Since there are hundreds of superheroes, only a select few can stand at the top. Wonder Woman. Batman. Thor. The Incredible Hulk. When you're talking about gods, unstoppable green giants or Superman, it's hard for other superheroes to compete.

This is a shame because every comic book hero has something to offer. Sadly, even the most powerful characters can be overlooked for the most basic reasons. If a character is comedic, it's easy for readers and other superheroes to dismiss their potential. If we're talking about a young superhero like Spider-Man, people forget just how freakishly strong he is. Sometimes, we don't realise how powerful a superhero is simply because their comics don't sell well. It's sad that some characters are lost in the shuffle just because they're not as popular as Iron Man, Deadpool or the Flash.

It's worth noting that some characters in this list may not realise the full scale of their power, because they've never had a chance to truly show what they can do in the films or mainstream comics.

With that said, it's time everyone saw these heroes in a brand-new light, and realised that there is more to them than you ever imagined.


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