10 Superheroes Who Have NEVER Been Killed

10. Luke Cage

Marvel Comics

Considering his involvement with a who’s who of Marvel’s greatest teams of heroes – The Avengers, The Defenders, The Thunderbolts, Heroes for Hire – Luke Cage has been in the crosshairs of the Grim Reaper on more occasions than most. Still, the indestructible Power Man has yet to be killed off at any point since debuting back in 1972.

With unbreakable skin, you’d imagine it would take quite the special something to take down Cage. Still, that special something has yet to rear its head in main comic book canon. Unfortunately for Luke, the downside of his indestructibility is that he’s had to see plenty of his friends and partners die over the decades.

Then again, as already mentioned, death is not a permanent arrangement in comics – meaning those deceased buddies have usually returned to the land of the living before even getting the chance to have a funeral.

The closest we've really got to a Luke Cage death was in the non-canon Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe story, in which Power Man is the last Avenger standing as Wade Wilson looks to wipe out every Marvel hero. The eventual cause of his death? Wade spikes Cage's coffee with a shrunken-down bomb.

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