10 Terrible Comic Book Covers Marvel Wants You To Forget

10. X-Statix #15

Marvel Comics

X-Static was the retitled book originally known as X-Force. It fell into the hands of Peter Milligan and Michael Allred as a somewhat less-than-serious look at some of Marvel's stranger superheroes. The book quickly became a way to satirize the celebrity culture running rampant across the planet while still taking the time to pull apart the superhero genre.

For the most part, it worked out rather well. Fans who knew what they were getting into appreciated the social commentary while not taking the material too seriously. The whole thing got a little off the rails when, in 2003, the book relaunched with a resurrected mutant-version of Princess Dianna who had passed only six years previously.

Not only did the cover feature Princess Di in a rather inappropriate pose on the cover, but the story was also titled, "Di Another Day," which really didn't go over well with people who were still mourning the loss of Diana.

In one way, it was nice of Marvel to pay homage to the deceased Princess, while in another way, it was a crass misrepresentation of a recently-deceased public figure many people around the world still mourned and adored. The cover caused controversy and was reprinted with another character design.


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