10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Green Arrow

Think Ollie Queen is just a Batman ripoff? Think again.

green arrow
DC Comics

There are few characters out there that are as fundamentally misunderstood as Oliver Queen.

Since his debut in 1941's More Fun Comics #73, the Emerald Archer has developed into one of DC's most revered and indeed popular comic book characters. His vocal brand of heroism and his proficiency with a bow (along with those cool archer aesthetics), have placed the hero at the forefront of DC's library, with writers like Dennis O'Neil, Mike Grell, Kevin Smith and Brad Meltzer all having left their own marks on the character as the year's have gone by.

Indeed, old Ollie has been the subject of many a tall tale throughout DC's history, and has featured centrally in many universe-altering storylines (Identity Crisis says hello). With that prominence, however, has also come controversy. Many still see the character to be nothing more than a poor imitation of Batman, and, apart from the fact that they're - y'know - wrong, there are still plenty of misconceptions regarding his history; some infinitely more damaging than others.

But what is it about DC's venerable left wing icon that's so hard to get? He's among the very best that the publisher has to offer, but, as his popularity is set to grow, it's clear that he's got his own identity crisis that needs to be addressed.

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