10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Joker

Everything you incorrectly assume about the Clown Prince of Gotham.

DC Comics

The Joker is undoubtedly one of - if not THE - most iconic villain of all time, and that's not just referring to the comic books that spawned him. Having first appeared in 1940's Batman #1, he has gone on to appear in thousands of comics, on television in both live action shows and animated shows, in blockbuster movies, video games and pretty much everything else you can possibly think of (toys, merchandise, posters, mugs, fridge magnets...). His image sells, and there have been ample opportunities to test that.

The known facts of the character are immediately iconic: he's insane, he grins, he has green hair, wears a purple suit and make-up and revels in ruining Batman's day, but there are equally a number of supposed known truths about the Clown Prince Of Crime that even the most ardent of Batman fans regularly get wrong.

This article will right a few wrongs in that regard, busting a number of commonly stated myths about the colourful antagonist, and setting straight exactly why they're wrong in the first place. You'll be surprised what you don't actually know about the character...

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