10 Times Batman Was A Total Jerk‏

He's the !*$% Batman.


The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, Sir Hemingford Grey - whatever you want to call him, I think we can all agree that Batman is a hero. Even if the "super" part is contested - he's just a man! A fabulously wealthy man! A fabulously wealthy man with a genius-level intellect and martial arts skills! He has no real powers! - the fact that Bruce Wayne's crusade against crime in Gotham City and beyond is a noble one? That's pretty widely accepted.

Everything he does is pretty heroic, from rescuing orphans to making sure The Joker stays locked up to using his aforementioned fabulous wealth for good causes. Good causes besides making super-duper sports cars, we mean.

But maybe we've got him all wrong. Maybe Batman isn't the world's greatest detective, the hero Gotham needs, or even an okay guy. Maybe Batman is really a total jerk, who just dresses up in a fancy costume because then he's more likely to get away with it then for some reason. As much evidence as there is for the Dark Knight being a out-and-out hero, there's just as many instances of him being a complete tool...

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