10 Times Comic Book Heroes Became Villains (In A Big Way)

1. Mister Fantastic: Marvel Zombies

Marvel Comics

Marvel Zombies: Dead Days totally warps any preconceived perceptions of Mister Fantastic. That is to say it shows him as nothing but a villain, entirely thanks to this story.

So, in that sense Marvel Zombies shouldn’t be new to anyone, but if it’s new to you then here's the abridged version: Marvel’s heroes and villains get infected by a zombie virus, which not only makes them undead, it retains their superpowers and their intelligence. So yeah, it’s a pretty terrifying concept.

The difference with Mister Fantastic is that while he’s performing an autopsy on one of the defeated zombies he begins getting all amazed. He's marvelled by how they can survive without their brains, how they don’t need to eat (well, eat proper food that is) and that they can essentially be immortal. That’s what makes him so cold and callous - he admires them, even after one had just killed his children a few hours ago .

It’s to that length that he purposefully infects the rest of the Fantastic Four, allows himself to be infected ‘first hand’ and, after becoming a zombie himself, he attempts to devour the rest of the survivors on their base. Worst of all? He wants to spread the zombie plague to the rest of the multiverse. Makes him a man that should be hated across the entire multiverse, including the real universe we live in.

Know of any more heroes that fell from grace harder? Let us know in the comments!

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