10 Underpowered Characters Who Shouldn't Have Beaten Major Comics Villains

Dog: 1, Thanos: 0.

Marvel Comics

Everyone loves to root for the underdog - it's a fact that's been proven time and time again. And no format loves an underdog more than comics, where endless stories revolve around characters taking on people whose powers significantly outweigh their own.

And this is never done better than with the biggest, most powerful characters around. Seeing astronomically overblown figures like Galactus and Darkseid taken down by heroes with weak or non-existent abilities may feel jarring, but it's also shamelessly engaging - as anyone who has seen Lockjaw or Squirrel Girl take out Thanos can confirm.

While sometimes these scenarios are less a case of an underpowered hero managing a clever plan and more a case of some super questionable plot contrivance, they always have their own benefit: Having a nice comedy moment that reminds us not to take every comic too seriously.

In a series of comics that show even the most surreal of underdog stories is always interesting, here's solid evidence that some zombies, Galileo and a mugger have one thing in common: Beating up the universe's most powerful beings.

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