10 Weird And Wonderful Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man

1. Italian Spider-Man

Alrugo Entertainment

There’s loosely basing a character on Spider-Man and then there’s this.

The titular star of a series of miniature episodes, split as parts of a ‘lost film’, the Italian Spider-Man was created by Alrugo Entertainment, the same minds that brought us 'Danger 5'. Taking ‘spoof’ to the next level, Italian Spider-Man is comic genius due to it parodying action-adventure films from the sixtes, as well as its baffling plot and characters.

The Italian Spider-Man shares no resemblance to Spider-Man beyond the name, being a middle aged, fat man who uses shotguns, strangles goons and smokes almost constantly. The overarcing story shows a scientist utilising material from an asteroid to create a cloning serum, which is ultimately stolen by the luchador like antagonist, Captain Maximum. That’s loosely the plot but even without that it’s hilarious enough to merit watching, for the very first episode if nothing else.

The terrible dubbing of the voices, the senseless violence in the fight scenes, the atrocious quality of the editing and sound, the laughable special effects and even worse stunts makes it an utter joy to watch. It’s beyond weird, and beyond wonderful.

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