10 Worst Ever Avengers

Earth's not so mightiest heroes.

Marvel Comics

When the Avengers first formed it was under a pretty simple premise: they were a group of the world's strongest heroes, uniting to take down threats none of them could manage alone. It was a team chock full of legends like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

Over the years, they've become a lot less strict about who they'll let in, and we've seen a whole host of faces come and go through the doors of whatever The Avenger's currently least blown up headquarters is. Everyone from brooding antiheroes like Wolverine to teenagers like Ms. Marvel have accepted spots on one of several Avengers teams and proved themselves as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

There are some members though, that the Avengers would rather forget. These are the characters who won't be assembling again anytime soon. These are the incompetents, the forgotten and the downright jerks who somehow wheedled their way into a spot on the team. Here are the ten worst offenders.

And no, Stingray isn't on the list. Stingray is cool. These guys definitely aren't though...


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