10 Worst Things Batman Has Done To Robin

The not-so-dynamic duo.

DC Comics

There's no denying Batman and Robin are the most iconic duo that comics have ever produced. The grim, brooding hero needs a sidekick to bring a little lightness to the comics, and remind us that Batman is still just another human - a human at peak mental and physical condition teaching a child to beat people up, sure, but still a human.

However, there is a downside to this team up. The pair are defined by their friendship, but as with most friendships, they fight, hurt, and disagree repeatedly. It's proven to be a constant source of drama in the comics, so much so that writers find themselves revisiting it time and again.

While many of the collective Robins' have done damage to the hero - with Jason Todd even outright trying to kill him for a time - Batman himself has done some pretty awful stuff to his proteges over the years, and not all of them have been explained away with mind control or hallucinations.

Between torture, needless violence and actually blowing him up one time, it's pretty clear to see that all the Robins have shared some pretty horrendous ordeals at the hands of their mentor...


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