11 Characters Who Might Be The MCU's First LGBT* Superhero

11. Deadpool



Deadpool is technically part of the same X-Men movie universe as the McAvoy/Fassbender and Stewart/McKellen movies, but he’s in a unique position. He’s never had any crossover with those films and is sort of in a world of his own, so the recent Disney merger won’t have affected him.

The regular X-Men will be disbanded, recast and folded into the MCU naturally after a while, but Ryan Reynolds’ version of Deadpool will remain untouched.

He may well continue to float around, disconnected from all the other movies, but with Spider-Man: Far From Home teasing a multiverse, he might in fact feature in a multiverse distantly linked to the MCU, even if he never has a role in any of their movies.

If that’s the case, he could become the MCU’s first LGBT* superhero, as Reynolds is keen to explore Deadpool’s pansexuality in the third movie. Considering he has a long standing love interest, this will likely be a nod towards it rather than an established relationship.

Fans would still want a central hero to call their own, but Deadpool would certainly be a start.

He just misses out on the top ten because, regardless of potential retcons, he’s not part of the core MCU.

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