11 Essential Storylines To Read If You Love Spider-Man

They don't call him 'amazing' for nothing.

Marvel Comics

Arguably no character in Marvel's endless lineup of superheroes and super-villains is as famous or as easily recognizable as Spider-Man.

Spidey has a long history in comics that goes all the way back to 1962 and since then, there have been countless iterations of the webslinger, spanning several different comic book series. And that's not even counting the seven films the character has appeared in since 2002, with no end in sight, or the various Spider-Man cartoons and video games.

Of course, however, it all goes back to the comics. And while Spider-Man's bibliography is absolutely massive, there are certain storylines from the comics that every fan must take the time to read for themselves at some point. Stories that were either incredibly good, influential, contentious, or all of the above.

Sure, comics can be a real pain to get into, but thanks to the internet and collected editions, it's easier than ever to get a hold of old comics if you're just in them for the story. And if you're a burdgeoning Spidey-fanatic who wants a firsthand look at some of his most pivotal moments from the medium that started it all, these are some good places to start.

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