11 Hotly Anticipated Comic Books Still To Come In 2019

Can War of the Realms be the best Marvel event of all?

Marvel Comics

There is an argument to be made that there has never been a better time to be a comic book fan. There are endless titles to lose yourself in and a whole world of publishers outside of the 'Big Two' that give voice to those writers and artists that aren't as well known, and it's pretty much nerdvana for anyone with even a passing interest in capes, cowls, and supervillains.

Last year gave us such hits as Immortal Hulk and the ludicrous Dark Knights Metal, as well as hidden gems like Glorious Wrestling Apocalypse and I Am Hero, while so far in two months we've seen the brilliant Mister Miracle as well as the continuation of so many great stories that have bled over from the previous year.

But what lies ahead for the rest of 2019? Well, quite simply, some of the most promising premises that have ever been thought of, as well as a return to form of a lot of old favorites.

However, with there being so many comics to choose from, it's possible that the discerning reader may be at a loss at what exactly to check out. Here are the books set to release this year that have caught the eye the most...


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