13 Inappropriate Moments That Prove Comics Are Made By Total Perverts

Remember that time Batman had sex with a goat? Anyone?

Comic books have a secret, dark history that noone told you about when you first picked up a Green Lantern back in the '90s, or when Civil War, or Crisis On Infinite Earths were rocking your world. They were sexist, very possibly racist, and they peddled the kind of smut that would get publishers these days hauled over the coals for giving minors access to inappropriate material. Most of the most famous characters and properties were littered with innuendos, inappropriate and compromising situations, and downright filth at one time or another, and it seems that comic book writers and artists were given free reign by their editors to feed their filthy habits as much as they liked. Naturally, the results are now hilarious, so we've put together a list of the most inappropriate comic book moments that made Batman, Superman, The Fantastic Four, and even Donald Duck seem like they were created by total sexual deviants. One thing that invariably pops up in this kind of article is the antiquated use of the word "gay," which of course variously meant happy, giddy, bright and colourful, and many other similar definitions before it was appropriated later to infer homosexuality. We won't be going into the realms of gay for this article, because it would be too easy for a cheap laugh.
And such an approach would fundamentally have to play on the fact that everyone thinks Batman and Robin are somehow locked in a secret love affair that cannot be spoken, which is definitely not the case...
Honourable Mention

The Bat-Crotch & Bat-Butt

No matter how far we have moved away from the olden, golden days before innunedo seemed to matter, there's no escaping the occasional childish sight gag in the comic book world, and the same goes for the wider universe in other media. Joel Schumacher clearly decided to channel the slightly seedier under-belly of the comic book world, explicitly exploring the voyeuristic desires of the readers and artists that manifests itself in the skin-tight costumes, protruding bulges and over-sized breasts seen in artwork, by offering obscenely blatant close-ups of Batman, Robin and Bat-Girl's specially enhanced areas.
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