15 Essential Batman Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

The lesser plumbed depths of the rogues gallery...

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For all of the villainous performances we've seen in Batman films over the years, you could very easily accuse DC and Warner Bros of playing it all too safe. We've seen three Jokers, two Two-Faces, two Banes, two Catwomen... and while other more "famous" members of the rogues gallery - like The Riddler, Penguin, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy - have appeared only once each, there really ought to be more variation in who Batman fights.

Since Suicide Squad reminded everyone that Batman's foes extend beyond the more established brands, and with rumours that Ben Affleck is making a film taking in not only Arkham Asylum but also "most of Batman's villains", it seems we might finally be getting to see some new and lesser heralded bad guys on screen.

But where can Affleck or future Batman film-makers turn for originality? Surely once you get beyond Mr Freeze, Killer Croc and Talia Al-Ghul there can't be many more avenues to explore? Wrong, Bat-fans, there's still a wealth of nefarious characters yet to throw fists with the Dark Knight.

Here are the 15 best Batman villains yet to appear in any live action film (and hopefully who offer Ben Affleck somewhere new to go with The Batman)...

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