15 Superhero Voice Actors Who Totally Nailed Their Characters

The Joker has never sounded so good.

Joker Mark Hamill
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After more than thirty years spent working in the industry, Andrea Romano - the unsung hero of Warner Animation - has announced her retirement.

As the voice director behind such projects like Batman: The Animated series and countless other DC Animated Original Movies, Romano has overseen the growth of the publisher's animated presence and then some, picking and choosing the very best talent to embody the roles of some of the most iconic comic book characters to have ever been put to print. She is, quite simply, one of the brightest stars of DC Entertainment, and a massive presence behind the scenes.

While Romano didn't cast literally every comic book character out there, she's left behind a massive legacy for the medium, and indeed, has the Emmy Awards to prove it. Her involvement in the DC Animated Universe raised the bar for what an animated adaptation could achieve, and so it should come as no surprise that plenty of the talent involved ended up utterly nailing their characters. Even for the minor roles in Justice League: Unlimited, every voice felt genuine. That's how good it all was.

But who were the best of the best? There have been plenty of brilliant casting choices over the past two decades, and some - certainly in Batman: The Animated Series' case - even ended up outdoing their live-action counterparts. Indeed, Romano's role in making the medium feel so authentic, and in propelling Warner Bros. Animation to the heights it still enjoys today, cannot be overstated.

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