20 Greatest Spider-Man Villains Ever

The wall crawler's most sinister foes.


With great power comes great responsibility and sometimes that responsibility can take the form of a boatload of villains trying to kill you.

Spider-Man is often considered to have one of the best rogue's galleries in comics. Through decades worth of adventures and over the course of numerous different series, he has built up a veritable smorgasbord of evil villains, filled with characters capable of wreaking havoc all on their own or together as part of the Sinister Six.

We've already seen the cinematic debuts of some of his worst enemies and, with Spider-Man: Homecoming gearing up the debuts of even more foes, now is a great time to take a look at some of Spider-Man's greatest enemies.

Get ready for a whole host of aliens, monsters and crimelords and a zoo's worth of animal-themed supervillains as we count down the twenty best enemies that Spider-Man has ever faced. They've all earned a place on this list, through devious schemes, raw power, pure unadulterated evil of just that special indefinable x-factor than can give a character staying power.

Just to spoil it now since we all already know it, Kangaroo is obviously number 1.

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