21 Weirdest Examples Of Comic Book Sound Effects

Large, bold, printed words you won't believe were used to describe the action.

Onomatopoeia is a staple part of comic book lore. Large, bold, printed words to describe the sounds made (usually during fight scenes) have been a means of portraying noise since comic books first came to be way back in 1933. You know the ones - words like "pow", "whack" and "bang" are used to represent impact when a fist hits a face or a body hits a wall. It's really quite charming! The Adam West Batman television series in the 1960s used the same concept to great effect (see below in a video where the titular hero goes up against his long-time enemy the Penguin): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EEyQIAemn0 Comics really wouldn't be the same without these words. However, sometimes the "noises" in question are quite simply ridiculous. In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the more obscure examples of comic book onomatopoeia - the kind of noises that you can't actually imagine hearing or that really make no sense whatsoever. Here are the twenty-one weirdest examples of comic book onomatopoeia...

21. Na-Cosboom

The "cosboom" makes a modicum of sense, but what's with the "na"?

20. Wok

Apparently, hitting yourself in the face with your own cybernetic arm sounds like a Chinese cooking vessel.

19. Brappa-Lortch

Period-based superpower wielding character "Heavy Flo" there, with a disgusting mess of a noise.

18. Splooge

"Squelch"... maybe. "Splooge"... no.

17. Btyanng

When you hit someone in the arm with a sign, it does NOT make this sound.

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