5 Awesome Comics You Must Read This Week (12 June)

Each Wednesday sees a new wave of comics appear on our local comic shops’ shelves and pop up on online…

Noel Thorne



Each Wednesday sees a new wave of comics appear on our local comic shops’ shelves and pop up on online retailers’ electronic shelves ready to download, and each week most of us comics readers pick up one or two that we like featuring the characters that we follow. But sometimes a week comes along where a number of excellent comics show up all at once, like a series of golden buses – this week was one of those golden bus weeks!

It’s especially great for us comics readers as this is Superman week with Friday seeing the release of the latest (and possibly greatest) Superman movie, Man of Steel, so we get to see one of our favourite characters on the big screen as well as on the comics page. So what goodies did comics publishers release with this week?

Here are 5 titles you can’t miss out on…


5. Guardians Of The Galaxy #3

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Steve McNiven


Marvel’s white hot reboot of their previously little-known franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, continues with superteam Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven in issue #3. The Guardians have fought off a Badoon invasion of Earth but have been captured in the process. Meanwhile, Star Lord/Peter Quill’s dad, King J’Son of Spartax, is beginning to see his nefarious plan go pear-shaped as not only his son and his fellow Guardians fight back, but also his fellow galactic rulers begin to suspect he’s up to something…

Bendis’ storytelling remains steadfastly slower than I’d like but he brings into play Groot who, for the last 3 issues, seems to have done nothing up til now. Bendis remedies that by making him central to this issue as the Guardians regroup to full strength and head off to bring down King J’Son.

Steve McNiven’s art continues to be the best part of this series, especially his character designs for Groot and Rocket Raccoon (look at that great cover with his menacing expression!), but also the space-opera-style designs and futuristic battle sequences.

While I’m still wondering why Iron Man needed to be part of this reboot as he hasn’t done much so far and feels out of place among this outlandish yet interesting group, it’s a minor complaint in a series that has so far become better by the issue. By the end of the comic it definitely feels like the series has been knocked up a gear or two and things are going to get crazier now. It’s making me look forward to the movie next summer more and more too, so the reboot is working!