I highly doubt that there will ever come a day in which there will be a perfect candidate for President, but I do have a personal suspicion that if there ever is one, it’ll probably be a woman. But that’s all beside the point, because this article isn’t about my views of real-world presidency (because I’ll attest to being more politically ignorant than anything else). This article is about good ol’fashioned comic book characters leaping off the page and running for the coveted position of President of the United States.

Be sure to let us know about some of your comic book candidates or theories in the comments below. We know you’ll be right-minded and not stir up any online controversy. Have fun!

5 Awesome Candidates

5. Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Not power-hungry, Phoenix-possessed Scott Summers, but the one we got to know and love in the 60s and 70s. The efficient, smart, loyal team leader of the X-Men who was calculating, intelligent, and not completely driven by his emotions. He was calm under pressure, made the tough decisions, and led the X-Men to victory after victory. And he knew when to step down from his position or when he was out of line.

Summers grew up humble and very socially aware of his position as head of the team. With Professor X as a mentor, he really broke through and often-times became the knight in shining armor that the X-Men so desperately needed. He’s currently become a bit of a punching bag, but he was most definitely not without his fans in the whole AvX storyline. Sensible, cool, and whip-smart, Scott Summers is a Grade-A candidate.

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This article was first posted on November 7, 2012