5 Reasons Marvel Comics Are Failing

House of Bad Ideas.


Over the last 17 years, Marvel Comics had risen from bankruptcy to reclaim its spot on top of the comic book industry. It all looked good, with sales and reactions both on the rise. But then recently, however, Marvel has fallen back into some habits that caused them to hit bottom in the first place: failing to attract new readers, a never-ending series of crossovers, retcons and reboots...

It goes without saying that comics often revisit the past, but sometimes they revise that history. That's the kind of luxury you get when you have the money monster of Disney providing the ultimate safety net. No fear of bankruptcy this time.

With that safety net though, it can all get a little safe. It can all get a little repetitive. It can all get a little stale. And rather problematically, readers can only stick with a product for so long until they grow tired of something that's no longer any good.

And despite the incredible successes of Marvel on the big screen, and the increased visibility of comics in the mainstream, that doesn't mean that one of the industry's biggest pillars is crumbling in its current state...


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