With over a dozen movies behind him (including animated) and almost a century of comic books to look through, there’s very little that remains unknown about our favourite Billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman. But believe it or not there are still some interesting factoids that even some of the most hardened geeks probably don’t know. We’ve gleamed 5 of the best to bring to you today, just in case you need to impress someone this weekend with your Bat based knowledge.


5. Bob Kane Did Not Create Batman As We Know Him


When you think of Batman you immediately think of Bob Kane and why wouldn’t you? History tells us that Kane is the man behind the masked vigilante Batman and the brain behind one of the biggest names in the history of comic books. Technically this is true, however the unauthorised history of The Dark Knight tells us something a little different.

You see, when Kane was stuck for ideas he would often call upon his buddy Bill Finger to help him out. As the legend goes Kane was given a weekend to create a new character for Detective Comics and after drawing the basics for Batman found himself stuck for any plot ideas. Queue Bill Finger who not only came up with the characters origin story but he also created the majority of the Rogues Gallery (excluding Joker) and many of his gadgets. He even made changes to Kane’s original concept art so in a way is also responsible for the way Batman looks.

Finger remained by Kane’s side as a ghost writer for a number of years before breaking away and helping to create other heroes including DC’s Green Lantern.

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This article was first posted on September 1, 2012